Top 3 Things To Know Before Preparing A Last Will And Testament

A last will and testament is a type of document that is used for indicating the familial intentions, property distribution, and monetary distribution etc of an individual after his demise. It can be used for giving the instructions for an individual’s asset distribution to beneficiaries who are surviving. It is a legally binding document as long as it is created as per the laws of the land where the testator - the person creating the document - lives. Know about 3 of the most important things that you should know before creating a last will and testament legal document. Please visit this website for more info about last will and testament in North Dakota.

It should be registered

While writing this type of will, you have to ensure that a POA (Power of Attorney) is registered. You can use a POA to provide someone with the legal authority to execute your own wishes as mentioned on your behalf in the Last Will and Testament.

It has to be labeled

When the document is being written, it is necessary to label the document’s face with the "last will and testament" title. It can act as a proof that these are your ultimate wishes. In case of any prior will, you need to state the same by creating a new will with the statement that all prior wills and testaments are being revoked by you.

It has to be created in sound mind

While a testator signs the will, he needs to mention that is he is signing the document with his senses fully intact and doing that out of his own free will with no incapacitation or not in a state of duress. After the completion of the document, it needs to be dated before being signed before witnesses, including the lawyer. Then, a POA can be registered and your lawyer can get the legal powers to carry on with the will execution on your behalf.

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