Top 10 Ways to Use Anal Plugs

Got an anal plug? Need creative ways to use it?


If so, we’ll help you out. Below, we have a list of ways to use them.


They’re easy to apply. And if you’re out of ideas, consider them food for thought!



#1 – Use a Remote Model.

Anal plugs come with (and without) remotes. And plugs that lack remotes suffer from an issue…


That is, they’re harder to control. And they limit the positions available to you.


So with a remote control plug, you regain that control.


You have more options. And they include easy solo pleasure, intensity controls, and mode changing!


(Note: for a good remote control plug: try the SVAKOM Julie remote control plug).



#2 – Slowly Increase the Intensity.

Build up the tension. Then, increase the intensity for a strong release.


Don’t go strong from the get-go. You shouldn’t be in a hurry to get your release.


This tip applies especially to prostate massages. As a gland, the prostate isn’t easily irritable.


So why rush? You deprive yourself of a strong final release. And in the end, that’s the best way to cap your sexual experience!



#3 – Get a Partner’s Help.

Vibration intensity isn’t enough. Because sometimes, there’s a little pleasure to moving the toy around.


This is hard with anal plugs. As we mentioned before, using your arms to reach limits your positions.


And that’s where a partner can help. You can motion them to using the toy. And that’s give you an added dimension of pleasure!



#4 – Strap it to a Seat.

Attach your plug to a strap on. Then, add that to a seat.


From there, all you have to do is sit, and enjoy the experience!


And for added pleasure, you can squat. You won’t have to do that much. But that might work wonders for you!


But here’s an important side tip. Make sure the plug is firmly set.


It shouldn’t slide off the moment you try to sit on it. That would make for a failed experience!



#5 – Never Forget Lubrication.

And never assume that a toy is “too soft” to need one.


Because why start your experience on a painful note? Save yourself the trouble, and get some lubrication!


And you don’t need anything expensive either. You just need something that’s safe, and non-reactive!


While you’re at it, remember to add enough when using it. Especially if you’re shafting up and down for pleasure!



#6 – Bathroom First.

Now we get to hygiene tips.


If you need to use the bathroom, do so beforehand. And make sure you wash well after you’re done.


Emptying your bowels provides a good experience. It’s actually key, as you can’t use your anal plugs otherwise!


And while you’re at, you can also…



#7 – Watch What You Eat Hours Before.

This is an odd tip. But if you plan on making anal plugs a habit, then we should mention it…


You need a diet that doesn’t cause “too much waste.” You need a diet of less bowel movements, and a clearer digestive system.


It’ll allow you to use your toys more frequently. Not to mention, you develop a healthy intestinal system too!



#8 – Bedrooms and Bathrooms Only.

This tip looks at location of use.


Never use an anal plug outside a bedroom/bathroom.


In those areas, you can manage any mess (or aftereffects) with ease.


Also, being close to either means washing your hands easily. And this is a “must-do” after use.


Speaking of that…



#9 – Don’t Use Them Before Going Out.

Using an anal plug is maintenance intensive.


If you’re heading out to socialize, work, or to shop, why use it? Why not wait until you get back?


That way, you have more comfort to use the toy. You’re not rushing the experience. And you can clean up much easier!



#10 – Pick the Right Toy.

Anal plugs aren’t a “one-time use” item.


They’re habitual products. And you should be using them continuously. Thus, you need to pick a quality product.


For that, we recommend the SVAKOM Judy anal plugs or SVAKOM Julie remote control plug.


Both are high quality anal plugs. And they offer a world of experience rarely found in other products.


Be sure to check them out, and pick what suits you best!

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