Here are some tips to use a fireplace safely and avoid accidents.

The inadequate burning of elements in the chimney stimulates the formation of soot, a very combustible layer that is deposited inside the chimney of the chimney when we use it brick contractor sycamore il. Their accumulation creates the risk of a fire, so we must take into account:


  1. Use only dry wood

Green firewood contains moisture that contributes to the creation of soot. Store at least six months of green firewood before using it. Another option is to use different materials that are marketed specifically for burning in chimneys such as briquettes or pellets.


  1. Avoid burning garbage

Do not put newspaper or gift paper, cardboard boxes, Christmas trees or other garbage in a fireplace or wood stove.


  1. Light small and lively fires

They burn completely, what differentiates them from the big and slow fires. As its temperature is lower, the release of smoke slows down and more soot forms than with a live fire.


  1. Have adequate air circulation

If you completely close the doors of the fireplace or stove, the release of smoke slows down and soot is more likely to form.


  1. Inspection and cleaning

Take care that the professionals inspect and clean the chimney at least once a year and, for your part, perform an adequate maintenance of the chimney.


  1. Remove the ashes without risk

The ash from wood stoves or chimneys may seem subdued, but in many houses a fire has occurred because it has been thrown out incorrectly. As they retain the ability to light fires for several days, be very careful when you get rid of them. Place them in a metal container, moisten them and cover with a metal lid.

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