Tips For Creating a Modern Bathroom & Kitchen Design

As summer creeps to an end and cold weather seasons take over our lives, home improvements usually shift from the outside to the inside. With so many options, it is easy to get lost in the fantasies of remodeling and never really achieve the redesign you were dreaming of.

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Whether you are working by yourself, with a team, or hire an entire company. Everyone’s needs are different. Some modulations may be simply residential or strictly business-related.

Your budget will be a huge factor either in hiring workers, or buying materials. With that in mind, it is important for you to understand what you would like to improve. Maybe a single contractor will do, to work on replacing sinks, showers, and other personal upgrades. Maybe you may need an entire architectural firm to upgrade all restrooms to a more modern bathroom design. No matter what you decide, you need to have an understanding of what you need before money switches hands.

If you decide to take on this project yourself make sure you understand the correct procedures. Make sure you have the right tool, understand how long will it take, and the amount of work will you actually have to do. These might be important factors to consider before taking on a project alone.

If this sounds like too much work, thankfully, South Florida is home to some of the best architectural firms in the country. With Miami bringing architects from all parts of the world to satisfy the extravagant tastes of its residents, this city is home to some of the most innovative and successful firms in the country.

Starting with a smaller project will always be better for your budget. Think of it as a first trial. Remodeling a small room could inspire the style of an entirely new home.

Bathrooms are normally smaller projects than, say, a modern kitchen redesign, living room, or a bedroom. They usually tend to cost less in materials and labor. With that in mind, by replacing specific fixtures, accessories and decorative items in your bathroom, you can easily turn the space into modern bathroom design.

Regardless of you who hire, planning ahead will also benefit you. Getting some idea of what to change and what materials and colors you want will only make the process easier. Here are a few tips that will make the remodeling of your bathroom that much easier.

The layout is key. As bathrooms are generally smaller, you will have to simplify your options to include vanities that will fit comfortably. Stay aware of all the dimensions - height, width, and length, and look to see if the functionality of cabinets does not interfere with the surrounding doors or furniture. A vanity will not only maximize the storage, but it will also keep the bathroom looking tidy, smooth and lively.

As you’re considering the process of remodeling your bathroom, you may want to modernize your sink. Maybe textured glass, copper-like materials, vitreous china, and other materials will give your bathroom that extra touch it needed.

Whether you are looking for a small or big project, a new bathroom sink by itself can help you create an amazing look at an affordable price. Maybe replacing the faucets with a modern unit with different styles, colors, and materials. The possibilities are limitless. In choosing to start small, you can gain a better understanding of your tastes, especially if you’re planning your modern kitchen design.

Sometimes a bathtub may seem like a luxury, after all, a simple shower does the trick. Nevertheless, after a long stressful week at work, a bath is just the answer. Plus, cleaning a small bathtub can be easier than glass frameless shower doors.

To update the look and feel of your bathroom, maybe replace your old curtains or the long overdue-for-replacement tub with something more modern and contemporary. According to the layout of your bathroom, there are different options to shape and style.

A  bathroom centerpiece acts as a focal point for anybody that enters the room, oftentimes, a bathtub can serve that purpose. You can install a rectangular or oval bathtub, a unique slipper style, or around the freestanding tub. This new piece acts as the visual hook your bathroom needed.

Even though this might may fall under personal taste, Flooring tile and wallcoverings are the ultimate bathroom remodeling tips that will flip the whole style of it, giving it that modern bathroom design.

Although some options may exist outside of your price range, there are many tiling options that create a stunning look, while providing serious durability, and a modern presentation.

Water-resistant laminate flooring, marble tile, or even patterned vinyl can also add some much-needed character to your bathroom. Walls could be covered in mosaic tiles, even peel and stick tiles will do the trick for easy installation. Maybe installing some 3D wavy wall tiles can create an edgy and trendy look with a touch of visual interest.

Stay away from darker color schemes as you want this bathroom to seem as bright and open as possible. Dark tiles and paint will give your bathroom a closed-in feeling quite similar to a closet, which leads us to our last trip.

Good lighting is one of the biggest areas of improvement most standard bathrooms need. Most homes will simply have a simply lighting strip above your master sink, and in 9 other master sinks around the neighborhood. Removing these cheap yellow lights and replacing them with something a bit more classy and subtle may make your bathroom more pleasing to the eye.

Pendant lights, recessed can light, or globe lights hung from an elegant drop-bar can immediately give your bathroom a brand new look. Hiring a remodeling company or electrician may be your best bet to avoid any accidents, but it will be worth it.

Make sure you look at the vanity, sink, faucet, flooring, wallcoverings, and lights first. Then create the proper plan for your bathroom to convert your existing bathroom from a decent room to a modern masterpiece. 

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