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Original Title: The Rotters

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller


















































Members of the Institue of Timber Technology have been killed to prevent them from standing in the way of a dastardly plot hatched by WormDoom Ltd, a pair of assassins who have perfected a chemical which destroys all kinds of wood and which they plan to release from pillar boxes around the country... unless Steed and Miss King can stop them.
Steed and Tara are called in when a member of the Institute of Timber Technology is killed; while his actual death is routine there is something odd about the case; it looks as though the killers stole the doors to his office. Later the killers go to his house looking for an old photograph of members of the institute but they are interrupted by Tara and drop the picture. Steed and Tara set about meeting other people in the picture but most of them end up dead soon afterwards. It isn't long before only two of them are left; one who is in Africa and a shady antiques dealer. The investigation reveals that far from stealing the doors the killers had used an incredibly fast acting form of dry rot to disintegrate them, what is more the man behind the plot intends to spread the dry rot around the world destroying everything made of timber!

This is a rather fun episode; the two killers, from WormDoom Ltd are delightfully despicable; I loved how they discussed there disgust for the working classes after killing some poor chap; Gerald Sim and Jerome Willis were pretty good in these roles. The identity of the mastermind is nicely hidden; I was certainly taken by surprise when it was revealed. The idea of fast acting dry rot was interesting although the effect of having wooden items instantly vanish when affected was rather weak to say the least… it was best when it happened to a wooden belfry and a grand piano as we heard rather than saw what happened. As one would expect there is a good mix of action and humour; I liked Mother's inflatable office which required the silent Rhonda to keep pumping to keep it inflated! Overall a fun episode. 'The Rotters' was the only 'Avengers' episode to be written by Dave Freeman, a comedy writer who worked with Benny Hill, penned two of the 'Carry On' series and sitcoms such as 'Terry & June' and 'Bless This House'. Members of The Institute Of Timber Technology are murdered by a pair of brown suited assassins in flat caps from 'WormDoom Ltd.', named 'George' ( Jerome Willis ) and 'Kenneth' ( Gerald Sim - later to play the 'Rector' in 'To The Manor Born' ). They have at their disposal a spray gun loaded with a chemical able to destroy wood in seconds, and plan to unleash its spores from fake pillar boxes all over England unless their demands are met.

It is a cheeky little caper, full of the wit and charm one would expect of the series. Each time the spray is used, there is a noise like a thunderclap and - hey presto - no wood! 'George' and 'Kenneth' are a wonderful pair of killers - dreadful snobs and proud of it. When Kenneth callously shoots a butler, he sighs: "I do so hate the working classes!". There is an amusing scene at a country cottage when Steed cleverly traps the killers by waffling on about 'Edwin's' musical prowess - he had none!

Watch out for British comedy regular Eric Barker as 'Pym', a batty wood decay specialist who Steed tracks down ( appropriately ) in a belfry! Like all the Thorson episodes, 'The Rotters' is rattling good fun. Incidentally, the 1998 film paid sly homage to 'Tara' with Keeley Hawes' 'Tamara', the receptionist at Wonderland Weather. She even had her hair done the same style.

Directed by Robert Fuest, formerly a designer on the show.


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