The Rockets are being bombarded for review because Epic acquired Psyonix

Earlier this week, Epic acquired the Rocket Alliance studio Psyonix, which made a predictable response: more than 2,700 negative comment bombings have been on Steam since May 1. Still, user review ratings, including recent reviews, are still "very positive."

The Valve system was implemented in March and apparently excludes “non-theme review activities” from the review score calculations, which is actually a counter-review bomb Shield. The asterisk on the Rocket Alliance comment chart will display a message stating "This time frame has been marked as containing a set of unusual comments, which we believe are largely unrelated to your chances of enjoying the product." But we think it might Affect the sale of Rocket League Keys .

The comments themselves are still visible in this part of the Steam list, so you can still see the entries, for example, the game time from the player is nearly 1,900 hours, and they spend multiple paragraphs to describe how much review the game has before giving negatives, because, "You sold your honor."

Although Psyonix and Epic have not said that the Rockets will be removed from Steam, they have actually promised to continue to support the Steam version for existing owners, even after the game is released on the Epic Store, there will be strong opposition. At present, nothing has changed except for studio ownership. Given the long-term relationship between Epic and Psyonix, this may not even be a dramatic change: the Rockets League is clearly the most well-known game in the studio, and the Rocket League Items are The Rockets Alliance is indispensable. But the Psyonix website says it is also working on epic games including Gears of War, Bulletstorm, Unreal Tournament 3 and UT2004.

Looking back at the bomb is nothing new, but seeing Valve's anti-bombing mechanism is very interesting in action, I think it may actually prove to be a reasonable compromise solution for users to review abuse: the promised players get their voice, but feel free The "needs new things" browser won't be forced to delve into why recent comments on a very popular game suddenly become a flash in the pan. As the great philosophers once said, a good compromise makes everyone crazy.

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