the production of ore milling plant

Exhaust grate plate in the production of ore milling plant, the significance of the timely removal of the material within the mill, does not affect the material in the mill residence time, but also improve the ventilation of ball equipment, reduce grinding Machine temperature, improve grinding efficiency, so many advantages, are in the normal working conditions of the component, if it appears the phenomenon of clogging, it will lead to lower feed mill and ventilation area, and even the material is Forced to discharge from the central hole, while exacerbating the ventilation resistance, so that not only the efficiency of the equipment wear and tear will also be affected, and the solution to this problem, mainly through the troubleshooting and the structural transformation of the parts To carry out.

This article mainly introduces how to solve the clogging of discharge grate plate in the ore milling plant. First, it analyzes the important function of this part, then introduces the influence of clogging on the production. Then it analyzes how to solve the clogging phenomenon. , And through the optimization of the structure of the component, the problem of clogging is fundamentally solved, so that the production is better protected.

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