The process of vertical impact crusher

Comprehensive analysis and supplemental test 1, according to the theory of optimal solution is obtained by orthogonal test. The level of the solid liquid reaction to further improve the quality ratio, reaction temperature appropriately reduced, arrange the supplemental test further.

In the near optimal scheme making a round of tests of 2 level of small batch, the reaction time is fixed at 90min, factor A from a higher level of 1:4 than 1:3, factor B from 50 DEG C, the test results show that, the extraction rate was 86% and the theoretical value is not. At the same time verified the test, final test to determine the condition of solid-liquid mass ratio of 1:3, reaction temperature 50 C, reaction time is 90min.

2, vertical impact crusher and wet sieving, filtrate effective recovery, and as a fine tuning agent solution of pH, to achieve material recycling, the maximum value of two times the increase of vertical impact crusher as resource utilization, and reducing the environmental pollution.3, the use of solubility product principle to calculate Fe3 in the solution pH value reaches 4.1 complete precipitation of Al3 in solution, pH value is 3.8 when begin to appear Al (OH) 3 floc, use of the specific conditions of selected pH value 3.8 ~ 4.1 as the cut-off point, with 1mol/L, 0.1 mol/L, 0.01 mol/L,

3 different the concentration of NaOH solution was used as the reaction solution pH coarse, reconcile fine-tuning agent, through the change of digital pH meter control solution of pH readout data effectively and in time value.

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