The New Ideas for upcoming FIFA 16

It would be amazing if you are able to create and design your own shoes just like in the FIFA Games.

AND it would be amazing if FIFA could create the real COACHES once and for all!!

For example, Mourinho, Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Guardiola, Pellegrini, Simione, Wanger and rest of the "Big coaches" so the game will be more realistic.
Beacuse they are also the teams fron man!

I remember FIFA designed and create the coaches for FIFA world Cup 2010, so why not do it again FIFA?!?!

And speaking about the coaches... When you start a career, you decided what you're (you) would look like as a coach for you're team right?


Like, will you have dress or suit. well... it would be more fun if you could create you own coach (yourself) just like when you create you're own player for the career.

And it would be fun if you just as the players in the career can switch, sell, exchange & buy coaches with your Fifa coins between the clubs as the real life!!

Moore life to the game please...

one thing that would be cool and amazing would be if fut16coin could after every first or second termination season in the career could design and renew the teams kit? Just like they do in real life. That you can choose color and design them?

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