The new expansion of "Star Wars: The Old Republic" has finally arrived

When it comes to the inspiration for video, games, and drama, it's almost inevitable to talk about EA's Star Wars game and everything that happens on BioWare. However, although many people are not concerned about it now, the TV series and we have seen the Star Wars of EA and BioWare a few years ago: the turbulent story of the Old Republic.

After working with "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic" to create a role-playing masterpiece, BioWare has received a lot of money so that it can be directly invested in the Star Wars MMO to shoot "World of Warcraft." Over the years, this game seems to have been slowly developing very well, because BioWare has apparently developed more stories than the previous games, making the game more likely. This may mean that players will have more opportunities for SWTOR Credits Buy . On the other hand, despite the strong push in 2011, in the process of negating many of the previous MMO Star Wars galaxies, the old republic seems to be caught in the same game as many games, discovering that it is “not bad, not very big”. situation. This is worrying.

These days, the Old Republic has always been a game that is profitable but very popular and rarely discusses free games. But now it's undergoing its first expansion in three years, just in time for everyone after the Star Wars celebration.

It is worth noting that the setup is completely different from the ongoing ancient war between the old Milky Way Republic and the Sith Empire. This expansion requires the player to take the player to new areas of the new planet and the old planet. Perhaps the most recognizable fans of Star Wars are not those who are immersed in the legend, but Corellia, the home planet of the Han Solo shipyard. Other environments in which the impact expansion has changed include jungles and gas stations.

As MMO expects, Onslaught also introduces new gameplay with a level cap. There are new capabilities and equipment to define your character build, including new "tactical items." Although this sounds cool, after obsidian knows about its ambitious and appropriate plan, it will soon hear the news of the old Republic, a bit mixed feeling.

In September of this year, the impact expansion of "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is available to players free of charge. Of course, the game still needs SWTOR Credits as before. If you are a beginner who is not familiar with the news about Star Wars, please go to the official website to watch the first trailer: Skywalker's rise and video game Jedi: Fallen order.

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