The Netgear Genie App: All About It

The Netgear Genie app is one of the things in the Netgear that gives lot of intelligence. It can run on an iPad, iPhone, an android phone, or a tablet. It gives you an easy access to all the innovative features that Netgear offers to its customers. It makes it easy to take advantage of the experience that you really bought and enabled when you bought the router to begin with. It is a desktop app that you can use to easily monitor, configure and repair your home network. Normally this would require a trip to your browser window and much more confusing settings. If you click on the internet tab, you can see your usage history and you can also run a speed test to see how fast your network is running. The router’s settings tab allows you to easily change your wireless network name and change your password without having you to go to your browser to actually do that. For any further information or help regarding your Netgear wifi extender setup you can go to the Mywifiext local website.

My Media Feature

One of the cool features of the Netgear Genie App is called ‘My Media’. My media allows you as a consumer to search across all the media shares that are on your network. For example, the content that is currently displaying on an iPadis as well as the content that is connected to a USP disk on the back of the router.You can connect to the USP disk at the back of the router, select which ever media file you wish to open and play it on the iPad/iPhone/android phone/tablet and along with it select a player like the TV and play a different video directly there on the TV.You can visit to easily get help about the Netgear wifi range extender. Hence with one application you can stream video not just to the TV but also to the tablet/iPhone/iPad/android phone, all simultaneously. That’s what the Genie App is about. It’s about making it very easy to take advantage of all the features that are already part of the router but bringing that to your fingertips.

Air Print Compatibility

Another wonderful feature that the Netgear Genie App enables you to use is the Air Print Compatibility. If you have an iPad or an iPhone you probably know that printing can be a hassle because none of the printers you havein your home support Air Print. But Netgear has made it easy for printing because they have a feature in the Netgear Genie App that makes any USP printer that you already have, Air Print compatible. You can just open a file on your iPhone or iPad, select the Air Print option and select the printer. That’s it and immediately over the network, the Netgear Genie app makes the USP printer that you already have, appear as an Air Print printer as it prints the file you had selected on your iPhone or iPad to be printed. Use the site Mywifiext to easily setup your Netgear extender. The key here is that the USP printer can be plugged in either to the back of the router itself or if you are plugged in to any of the computers that are around your network, you can take that printer and make it in to an Air Print printer. This is the innovation that the Netgear Genie App enables you to have.

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