The main function of limestone crusher

Changes in the physicochemical properties of limestone crusher is very big, accordingly in the concrete products behavior have greater volatility, in order to ensure the quality of limestone crusher concrete products, used in different occasions of limestone crusher shall meet the corresponding technical standards. 

Processing of international production line of limestone crusher, limestone crusher of limestone crusher concrete with ASTMC618 standard, American perfect with limestone crusher as an example, the four aspects of the general chemistry including limestone crusher composition, physical properties, uniformity and in concrete behavior. Some parameters of the index is mandatory, and some are not mandatory, is based on the needs of some users and set.

The main function of limestone crusher standard is stipulated property of limestone crusher in the four following respects. 1, strength contribution: incorporation of limestone crusher products, should have a certain strength contribution. Control strength contribution of limestone crusher in general by the fineness, water requirement ratio, pozzolanic activity index and silicon, aluminum, iron oxide content index. 2, stability: fly-ash concrete products, should ensure the soundness of the products. Parameters controlling the stability of a magnesium oxide, three sulfur dioxide, free calcium oxide, alkali and autoclave expansion value and cement in the alkali reactivity etc.

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