The Improvements of FIFA 16 Gameplay

Even if they strangled it down to 5mb d/l (which they don't), the game still shouldn't lag. If anything, people should be looking at their ping.

Saying that, it's clearly not a connection problem if other games are fine.

If I play Clubs etc. the connection's fine. If I play Seasons, 95% of the games are laggy as hell. Now that would be one hell of a coincidence that my broadband chooses to be fine for some modes i.e. playing on EA's servers, and terrible for the others i.e. P2P

It's EA's matchmaking that's at fault. It's just p*** poor and has been for years.

Saying that, I noticed the OP said he was having trouble with Clubs. Which is played on EA's servers. Are your team mates all from your country? Are your club's matchmaking setting set to your country?

Also, have you DMZ'd your superhub for your console?

If all these are good, I'd suggest putting your superhub into modem mode, buy/borrow a better router (Superhub's are terrible) and linking them all together and see if that helps. It'll answer if the problem is with Fifa 16 coins ps4.

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