The Highest Production of Teeth Roll Crusher

New efficient tooth roll Vertical Mill Working Efficiency has different points from the existing similar products at home and abroad, mainly in the following aspects: 1. Propeller structure of mineral can achieve the aggregate screening and rapid advance, and the most of minerals that meet the standard directly leave out to reduce the clogging phenomenon and increase the crushing capacity. 2. Teeth roll crusher makes pre-crushing for big block of materials by jaw plate to reduce tooth workload, improve crushing efficiency. 3. It is equipped with concessions institutions, and according to crushing requirements, the distance between jaw and box liner can be adjusted.

There is a certain gap between two teeth Raymond Mill Problem Solution roller axis meeting the requirements of the materials to leave out from the gap, secondary screening mineral aggregate, to further enhance the crushing capacity. Two teeth of the roller shaft make differential operation, which has better shear and tensile crushing effect. New efficient tooth roll crusher has two screening capacity, only crush the materials that do not meet the size requirements of the mineral aggregate, high efficiency and low energy consumption. The whole structure and motion characteristics of the entire machine make it suitable for a variety of wet, dry, sticky, soft, hard mineral aggregate and rock crushing and not blocking material, and crushing capacity can reach more than 5000t / h.

New efficient tooth roll crusher grades mineral aggregate by shear principle, compared with similar products at home and abroad, low energy consumption, high efficiency, high yield and efficient mine production needs, and which has been applied in the coal mine, and achieved good results. Because of the unique working mechanism and institutions of the crusher, the crusher can efficiently break all kinds of wet, dry, sticky, soft, hard ore and rock without blocking materials, production capacity can reach more than 5000t / h, especially suitable for coal mines yield. New efficient tooth roll crusher is characterized by high processing capacity, low energy consumption, even product size, small size, light weight, and high reliability, which is a highly efficient energy-saving crushing equipment.

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