Generally, prison is being used as a fun element content in the game ArcheAge in popularity of content is or ArcheAge Gold Buying . However, given the significance of the actual prison practices that are socially aware is the only ArcheAge.

If you're using an illegal program user can get the results without effort directly leads to discrimination users. Chageunhi user directly with the game deulrosseo gaining the character of acquiring the item is a one-popping rage.

Game makers also act as a troublesome position, and if severe crackdown warning shall be used to permanently delete the account. However, this is a very cautious as to prevent a part of the game.

But all that implies empathy and anger can use this as long as the principle commits an illegal and going to jail, giving planted the wrong indirectly recognized that the prison experience to users by simply by means of a warning, the account is not deleted genealogical will.

ArcheAge prison system imprisonment for up to three days in jail causes forced movement, at least 1 day a character not prove that normal players in the illegal program contains the report from the monitoring process or more than a certain number of times a user in prison. The characters are not confined to enjoy content such as football or jailbreak jail Unlike other characters imprisoned for fun under the trial of the gameplay, of course, during the detention period it is to allow any action that can not be conditions.

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