The CRAZY Upgradeable Laptop - Panasonic TOUGHBOOK 55 Showcase

They finally did it. Ten years ago, I complained to Noctua that their products were great, but simply too ugly to use for my own personal projects. Well, back in 2015, we partnered with them to launch their first all-black consumer fans, which was a big step in the right direction and now, four years later, we're back at it with something even bigger. Not this. This is ugly meet the LTTE, editions of not to us first-ever lineup of all black coolers, the first 5,000 units of each the chrome axe, black n, HD, 15 and Nhu 12s will have some special extras included and will help support us here at LT T. So in today's video, we're gonna give you guys a close look at them and also make sure that they match both the excellent thermal performance and low sound levels that we have come to expect from nachos ugly products. Speaking of things, you should have come to expect this segue to our sponsor glassware with glass wire. You can instantly see your current and past network activity, detect malware and block badly behaving apps on your PC or Android device use offer code liveness to get 25 % off at the link below [ Music ]. Now it's no secret that I'm a huge knocked to a fanboy haha. Sorry, font aside, any fandom that I have of any company is going to be out of respect, not because there's like an emotional attachment and there's a reason that I hold Noctua in such high regard. There SEC you firm to mounting system which, by the way like the fan included and the heatsink itself, is now all black down to every single mounting plate and screw is still by far my favorite solution when it comes to keeping a large heavy Tower. Cooler firmly planted on a CPU and, as we showed in our recent video, their performance is on par or better than AI. Oh water, coolers in the same price bracket or in some cases, even higher ones and they're ugly fans, are the standard that other fans are measured too from a performance perspective anyway. The only reason that their products have been relegated to test bench duty for me is that I confess I like a little bit of flash with my dash and until now they haven't had anything in their CPU cooler, lineup. That'S even close enough to the visual appeal of other solutions to justify the couple degrees of better performance or few decibels of lower acoustics, at least until now. There'S nothing on it that isn't black wires, sleeving heat-shrink, connectors screws, even the retainers here - are black, which is gonna kind of make. You wonder if this was such an obvious problem and such an easy solution? Why didn't they hurry up and do this before? Well because, as it turns out, it's actually not an especially easy solution. Now there are lots of different ways to attach heat pipes to a CPU coolers base, and the heat pipes are what are responsible for quickly. Moving the heat away from your processor to the cooling fins which are responsible for dissipating the heat to the surrounding air, but no way of attaching them is as reliant or performance as soldering them now. Soldering heat pipes is already a tricky matter because think about it. For a second, these are sealed tubes with fluid inside that are designed to transfer heat away from where it's being applied so doing it safely without them exploding, isn't as simple as whipping out a torch and just going for it. So then wait you want to put a coating on these things, adding yet another layer of complexity. For what just for looks. Are you crazy? That'S a very Noctua way of thinking, but I and the thousands of other enthusiasts who sadly do care about these things. Finally, got through to them so much of the R

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