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Original Title: The Cat's Meow

Genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Family,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi


































The Catwoman "steals" the voice of a television talk-show host in the middle of an interview with Bruce Wayne. She plants clues to suggest either the Joker, Riddler or Penguin may have committed the crime. In the meantime, she has fooled Commissioner Gordon into thinking she has gone straight. She makes her first mistake when she masquerades as Miss Klutz, a dance instructor visiting Wayne Manor. Allergic to dogwood, she sneezes and gives herself away. Her next target is to "steal" the voices of British singers Chad and Jeremy. Batman and Robin eventually track her to a dance studio, where a fight erupts. After it appears the Dynamic Duo has triumphed over Catwoman's forces, she drugs them. The heroes are placed inside a chamber where the sounds of water dripping will be magnified many, many times and drive them insane.
The police believe Catwoman has gone straight; however, the villainess has devious plans for her new voice-stealing device. After using it to silence a TV talk show host and Commissioner Gordon, she sets about to steal the voices of Wayne Manor's latest guests, British singers Chad and Jeremy. Under the guise of a dance instructor, she enters Wayne Manor to collect valuable information about its layout. Batman and Robin pick up her trail when her cover is blown. But unknown to them, Catwoman has a plan to destroy their minds and forever end their crime-fighting career.
"The Cat's Meow" kicks off the most outlandish Catwoman two parter of them all, loaded with guest stars galore. Last seen in a cameo in "Ma Parker," Julie Newmar's felonious feline is just out of prison and heading a rock group named Catwoman and the Kittens, in possession of an atomizer capable of stealing a person's voice and rendering him literally speechless. Clues initially lead to Joker, Penguin, and Riddler, but since all are still behind bars it's no stretch to finger the lovely culprit. Morning talk show host Harry Upps (Peter Leeds), a play on Hugh Downs, is the first rendered speechless, then Commissioner Gordon, with the ultimate prize being the singing voices of Britain's popular soft rock duo Chad (Stuart) and Jeremy (Clyde), who coincidentally are staying at the home of Bruce Wayne. Catwoman's disguise as dance instructor Miss Klutz, teaching young Dick Grayson 'one heck of a lesson,' ends abruptly due to her aversion to dogwood, but it helps the Dynamic Duo trace her back to the studio run by Benton Belgoody, played by an unbilled Joe Flynn (McHALE'S NAVY), who manages to put in a plug for his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. After a pitiful effort from her henchmen, Catwoman again foils her nemeses using a powerful drug on her claws, placing them in a huge drum set to amplify the sound of water dripping above their heads, enough to drive them insane and turn their brains into jelly. Chad and Jeremy were now past their prime as hitmakers, but still doing the rounds on American television, the song heard playing on a turntable for their arrival not released until their OF CABBAGES AND KINGS album in 1967, a Jeremy Clyde original titled "Manners Maketh Man," two more heard in the next episode.

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