The Best Way to Watch DC Universe from Outside the US

DC Universe comes as a streaming service that is made especially for DC fans to watch DC content. It consists of all the best DC movies, shows, and comics for streaming as well as keeps you updated with latest DC news and merchandises as well. This streaming service is available for US people since September 2018 but not in the rest of the countries till yet.

It is a great competition for other streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix regardless of having only limited content. The serious DC fans won’t be disappointed with this streaming service. You can connect with other DC lovers and creators in the community section of the DC universe as well.

Cost of DC Universe

If we talk about the charges of DC Universe, it is available in the US for $7.99 monthly and $74.99 for a year. The price is, however, decent if you compare it with other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. You must go for its subscription only if you are a DC fan or it will be a waste for you.

Watching DC Universe outside the US

As already discussed, it is not officially launched outside the US and not available for DC lovers in different countries. The company must be planning to launch in other countries, considering the response. But the news of launching it outside the US is not confirmed by officials till now. If you will try to access DC Universe from outside the US by visiting the official website, the message ‘Sorry, this service is only available in the US. We’ll announce when it is available in your region.’ will be shown to you. Hence, it is not possible to access the DC Universe officially from outside of the US.

You can try to access it through an ideal VPN though. There are a lot of great VPNs in the market. NordVPN is one of the best. It will let you access the DC Universe site with ease. To access the VPN, you need to create an account, install the software and choose the US server. Once you set up the VPN, it will make you a US-based user, and you can access DC Universe easily.

The VPN needs to be active whenever you use the streaming service in any of your devices. Like, if you want to use DC Universe from your iOS device, you will have to install the VPN in the particular device that you are using. Your account might get block also if the company detects that you are accessing it in the wrong way.

Exclusive DC content

You must get the value for money that you paid to access the DC universe streaming service. From movies to shows to comics, you can find everything from DC inside it. The show that primarily launched on the service was Titans. More new shows and movies are there, and more will come in the coming times. Access everything in the best way and make the most out of the DC universe.

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