Getting people to visit your website is the first step to converting your online presence into a monetised asset. SEO can play a great role in this regard. SEO is all about ensuring how the different search engines view your website as an authentic source for its users to visit for their search queries. If you do SEO the right way, you will certainly increase traffic to your site, both from search engines and through referrals from other websites. Here are some of the SEO techniques that you must get right to improve traffic to your website.


Create Quality Content with Great Titles

Titles and meta-descriptions are extremely important for good SEO. However, it’s not just about SEO. Good titles are great in general as they engage with audiences, making them follow/click on the link. Titles help in getting content viral and shareable on social media as well. Quality content, that is lengthy yet still engaging, is a must with great titles as this is what will help keep the user on your site longer, compelling them to share it with other people via blogs and social media. All these actions would help improve your SEO ranking and help drive traffic from other sources as well. It’s not easy but it’s the best way to improve traffic to your website.

Use Guest Posts to Create Referrals

Guest posts are a great way of getting referrals for your website. Quality referrals are normally very important for SEO and guest posts can help you achieve that. However, this SEO technique actually helps improve traffic from blogs to where you are guest blogging to. If you can write engaging content and find a way to insert a link to your website organically while doing so, you can help jump the traffic to your webpage directly from the blog too. The fact that it will help improve your SEO score and eventually drive traffic organically from search engines is an added benefit!

Increase Your Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate (CTR) is an SEO term which basically calculates the number of times your website is listed by Google on its Search Engine Results Page for a particular query against the number of times a user follows through to your website. If your CTR is high, it basically means getting more out of your search engine ranking. With CTR now an important metric in ranking web pages, it is now twice as important to improve it. But how can you do it? You can do so by creating titles that include numbers, by adding interesting meta-descriptions and by having the keywords within the URL. These are just some SEO tips that can help with CTR and improve traffic as a result!

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