The Best Netgear Extender For You


When you are frustrated enough from struggling with low wifi connectivity in some areas of your home and/or office and decide to go for a range extender, your next question would probably be as to which Netgear wifi extender you should opt for.There are lot of choices for you so that you can get the exact required extender that you are looking for. Get its installation complete by going on the site Mywifiext and enjoy its high wifi range and strong signal coverage all over your home.

Extenders According To Range

The Netgear wifi extenders come according to different requirements. There are extenders for small homes to medium homes, medium homes to large homes, for large homes and for very large homes. For small homes to medium homes there is the Netgear WN1000RP which is ideal for smart phones and tablets.For medium homes to large homes there are Netgear extenders like Netgear EX8000, EX7700, EX6110, WN3000RP, PR2000 and EX2700 etc. For large homes there are Netgear extender like EX7700, EX7500, EX3110, EX3800, EX3700, WN2500RP and EX3920 etc. For very large homes there is Netgear EX6400, EX6250, EX6100 and EX6920 etc. All these can be set up very easily from the mywifiext local website with step by step instructions.

Extenders According To Speed

If you are tired of the delayed buffering and pages that are taking too long to upload and you are looking for a wifi extender that will increase your internet connection’s speed, then you can go for the Netgear extenders like EX2700, WN3000RP, EX8000 or WN1000RP etc. as these wifi range extenders give you lightning speed of up to 300Mbps to 1.7Gbps with which you can easily stream HD videos and play games etc. without any kind of delay. These are also very easy to install, you just have to connect the extender with your router, open a browser on your device and type the address which will take you to the setup page.

Extenders According To Antennas

The Netgear wifi range extenders also focus on the design along with the many features they provide with them so that they fit with ease in your home. Some Netgear wifi range extenders like EX7000, EX6200, EX6150, EX6120, EX3700, EX3800 etc. come with external antennas and some other Netgear wifi range extenders like EX8000, EX7700, EX7500, EX7300, and EX6400 etc. have internal antennas so they can adjust with ease in your home design.

Extenders According To Ethernet Ports

You have lot of choices in the Netgear extenders that you can check and get the wifi extender according to your need. Therefore you can see an option of the number of Ethernet Ports also in the extenders. Extenders like EX7300 and EX6400 etc. come with one Ethernet Port and there are others like EX7000 and EX6200 that come with even 5 Ethernet Ports. It’s your choice which one you wish to get so as to set the extender accordingly either by the Ethernet cable or wirelessly.

Once you have bought your extender you can connect it easily via the WPS button on your router and extender and then login to to do an easy setup. After the extender is successfully setup, it’s ready to use anywhere in the house or office.

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