If you are going for a renovation of your home, here we present you some of the best tips on home interior design for your home.
How to equip large spaces?
With large spaces, the biggest challenge is to make it simple, warm and welcoming. With long stretches of floor and walls like walls with huge windows, we will easily feel isolated and uncomfortable, which logically designers always try to avoid. A little vegetation can be very useful.
In house interior design, try to put some plants that combine with natural light to echo the sweetness that nature provides. Where possible, create concrete contrasts between warm colors.
The white walls and wooden floors are a great combination. Using characteristic details like friezes on the walls and painting it in two tones will create the sensation of lower ceilings, in this way the whole space is more welcoming. You can also add shelves of books, cushions, or tables as borders creating smaller and more manageable spaces.
How to equip small spaces?
Small spaces should feel as wide as possible. Therefore you should choose light tones and do not fill them with accessories and ornaments. Focus on the most essential items, be it the bed, the sofa or the table, making sure there is free space to move around the place.
With a good combination of light tones and natural light, any space can be cozy and give the feeling of spaciousness. It is recommended that you consider having some folding chairs or tables instead of being part of the permanent furniture.
When you need more space for your guests, they can be easily and quickly deployed, but they are not necessary on a daily basis, so when folded they will not occupy space.
How can you make your apartment a more welcoming place?
Colors are crucial when it comes to making your home more welcoming. Make sure the tones on your walls and ceilings are discreet, but the accessories can be vibrant. With pillows in bright shades and adding curtains, you will create a very pleasant feeling of space.
Flowers and other plants can give a lot of charm, like some ornaments of good taste will call a little attention without being very ostentatious. The cozy apartments need enough space to snuggle up but not to exceed as we will feel contracted. The ideal is to give a balance in an intelligent way.
What type of decoration does a modern home have?
Modern homes tend to use simple house design with clear lines, simple furniture, and neutral colors, although there are also many styles and home design that use bright colors.
Modern designs always try to avoid excessive decoration. The main idea is to generate harmony and class without creating a boring place to spend your time.

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