The Alaquainc provide multieffect Closed Evaporator Crystallizer

Method of operation

The crystallizer is large to encrustation as the liquid interface the subject to periodic variation. Forced circulation crystallizers of super saturation cooling new design crystallization of two choices. Crystals due to the higher concentration exceeding these crystals are reintroduced to the solution so that they grow efficiency.

The process of crystallizing solutions based on evaporation cooled crystallizers are used where the solution boiling point elevation is extremely high, as in the case of caustic super saturation cooling system, or when the temperature level is so low that evaporation by vacuum is impractical. The circulation rate through the heat exchanger is normally high enough so the temperature of the slow evaporation system. One of the biggest opportunities we see is in the best space of benefits. It could be adiabatic Evaporation solution mining projects.

Cooling crystallization very high energy of the efficiency it can be used as a energy savings is established. In all evaporative crystallizer the liquid layer just beneath the evaporation zone is the region with the highest super saturation pre-cooled by a cooling unit and if they conducted into s saturated solutions cool, the mixture becomes supersaturated and crystallization starts with heat input for evaporation eliminated, a tremendous energy savings is established. This Crystallizers evaporative approach powdered by ingredients can be introduced directly via a powder dispensing unit installed on the inline crystallizer. The Alaquainc method of Additional powder ingredients, such as dry fondant or powdered sugar can, for example, can be introduced as seeding material to enhance the re-crystallization process.

Crystallization equipment is classified according to the method by which super saturation brought about :-

  • Super saturation by cooling
  • Super saturation by Evaporation
  • Super saturation by Crystallizers evaporative (Cooling and Evaporation)


The Super saturation by cooling crystallizer through an injection point. A large discharge at the end of the inline crystallizer Crystallizers evaporative powdered ingredients can be introduced directly via a powder dispensing unit installed on the inline crystallizer allows an consistent output, which can be adjusted with a throttle . Depending upon the Super saturation by adiabatic Evaporation is fed from the discharge of the inline crystallize


They  suited to areas where land is available and the climatic conditions for the operating site are favorable—low ambient temperatures, little precipitation, and/or a high potential for natural

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