The advent of SD-WAN

ortinet introduced the industry's first SD-WAN dedicated chip and FortiOS 6.2 version that supports SD-WAN functionality. And the latest FortiGate 100F devices based on the two can achieve 10 times performance improvement. To a large extent, SD-WAN needs to perceive the application's traffic, that is, to identify the network traffic of different applications and then re-evaluate and select network paths, such as identifying the traffic of Office 365 in the network and directly guiding the public network connection. Fortinet's SD-WAN ASICs recognize more than 5,000 applications and guarantee responsiveness and performance for critical enterprise applications. For the possible performance degradation from the corporate network to the public network, FortiOS 6.2 also provides WAN optimization capabilities to protect application performance and experience in even the most vulnerable public networks.

Chen Hongxiang, vice president of Fortinet North Asia, stressed that SD-WAN is a cross-border technology, mainly based on the demand generated by hybrid clouds, while the North Asian market, especially the Chinese market, has a large potential demand for SD-WAN. With the advancement of the digital transformation process in the Asia-Pacific region and China, especially China's geographical area is vast, more and more enterprise branches, retail chain stores, 4S chain stores, medical chain institutions, etc. need to access public cloud applications and computing resources. For those organizations that have previously purchased and used Fortinet devices, it is easy to transition to SD-WAN deployment mode, and you can immediately enjoy the digital experience of cloud network collaboration through simple software upgrade.

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