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Crescent Dates is a supplier of Rabbi Dates medjool dates. The medjool grades Zahidi Dates we carry are: jumbo, further-giant, giant, further fancy, and combined.

Whole Pitted Prunes Dried

Honey pitted Dates are from the date palm tree, and when dried are sweet and have a chewy texture. Helping the world uncover and benefit from the best Medjool Dates as a Dates part of a wholesome lifestyle.


A tender skin encases delicate, golden-brown flesh that is candy and succulent with a full fruity flavour. Organic Medjools are grown without artificial pesticides or fertilisers, are non-GMO and don't have any added oil, sugar or preservatives. Medjools are wonderful when entertaining or as a fast snack.

Best Quality Conventional & Organic Aseel Pitted Dates

It is grown in Iran and is in a bunch of semi-dry dates so it may Kabkab Dates be shipped easily and is appropriate for export. Estameran date has a high quantity of sugar. Therefore it's an acceptable fruit for athletics. About 70% of palm timber in Khuzestan province of Iran are offering an Estameran date.

Price and high quality of the dates. We haven't discovered higher they're completely lovely and we are already on our 2nd Box. If you haven't had this type of date before, they are massive Medjools which are massive and juicy and are 1,000,000 miles away from dried dates or even a number of the smaller sorts of fresh dates. I eat them every day at lunch time. I permit myself 2 dates and really savour their scrumptious candy caramel flavour.

680g Medjool Dates, Packaging Type: Packet

KoRo Medjool Dates can be found wholesale and in bulk. Naturally candy without any added refined sugar or preservatives. Our Medjool Dates are huge, . Sought after by shoppers in search of a meaty date that’s agency and sweet, these giant Medjool dates are ideal for baking and savory recipes or as a wholesome snack possibility.

Sweet Potato Medjool Date Shakes

Medjool dates are literally harvested from the date palm, cleaned, sorted and packaged immediately. 5-ounce serving. Medjool dates are the cream of the crop as far as dates are involved and these are no exception prized for their succulence and sweetness.

Medjool Dates Suppliers

It is good, big, delicious and has a gentle texture. Medjool dates are very well-known in America and are used for a smoothie and shake manufacturing. It is grown mainly and extensively in Saudi Arabia and is available all year. It is golden, oval, semi-dry and delicate with a thick pores and skin.

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