Using public transport systems by people may be good for the environment. However, most people do not find this convenient to use daily. Each one may have his or her reasons for this. Distance from office or home to the stops of the metro rail or bus may be long for some. So commuting this distance is ridden with some difficulties. Then they end up buying cars for their personal use to commute to and fro. This does bring in some comfort and convenience for moving across the city for them. This has brought more cars to the roads requiring more car parking spaces. Technology has found a practical solution to this in the form of car lift parking.

Horizontal Expansion Impossible

The cities are busting from sides and there is no space for expanding anymore. Any kind of constructions whether buildings or any other facility has to look for vertical growth and not horizontal growth. Keeping this concept in mind the car lifts were designed and put in place. So the cities have solved the space crunch in car parking with this kind of parking system with the use of lifts.

Possible to Park Multiple Cars

The original parking areas would have space only for a few cars. Now with the vertical growth both above the ground and below it the car parking areas have been increased manifold. This has given more space to park cars. This kind of car parking spaces uses hydraulic lifts to lift cars up and down to place and remove them from their slots. So now with the use of hydraulic lift car parking has become more expedient and self-serving. Previously where there was space for just one car on the ground, at present multiple cars can be parked in the same ground space.

Use Car Lifts According to Purpose

Now, this is called a practical solution to a social problem. Not only public parking spaces feel space crunch but also homes and office face this kind of space crunch. These car lifts can come in handy for their use also, offering a good solution to their car parking woes.

Different kinds of car lifts are available. One can use the one that is convenient for use in a particular situation. You have a two post and a four post car lift. A bigger parking area like offices and public places can use the latter while a smaller parking area like in a home can use the former.

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