Everyone who plays online regularly needs to have some kind of edge. A player, and even one who knows a game inside out, likes to know that they have some kind of advantage against the house; otherwise even these minute odds in favour of the house will eventually wear them down. And the casino management knows this too, and will support a player who supports them by giving them back some of their edge through a series of bonus promotions. These bonuses can come will come in a wide variety of formats, from no deposit bonuses to match deposit bonuses.
At spinit casino review we make it our business to keep track of all the latest promotions and making sure that our players are kept up to date on what is going on and, most importantly, on which casinos and when. Certain online spinit casino review are more dynamic than others, with quite a large number not holding back on reasons to organise a promotion, from Lassie’s birthday to Boat Race day.
These promotions are fun, and add a little spice of life for the online casino player, but winning a jackpot at one of them will rarely be life changing. The same cannot be said that for the progressive jackpot, which marks probably the most exciting breakthroughs in online casino wagering that has been dreamed up in recent years. Progressive jackpot promotions are either organised by a single very large online casino or by a group of several medium sized online casinos, with the important common denominator being that they are all powered by the same software. The promotion kicks off on a certain date and time, and runs for a fixed period. From the outset of the promotion, every time a player wagers on a certain game, a very small percentage of their stake is set aside to be part of the progressive jackpot. Once a players have paid a certain amount of their stake play into the jackpot (with some casinos updating the progress and others keeping the players in the dark for more excitement) the next spin where a player hits the winning combination, the prize will be won, and will usually be at least a few hundred thousand dollars, with the World record progressive jackpot to date being won by a lady from Tennessee playing in the  Casino, in April 2006, the lucky lady was called Cari who when taking part in a Gold Rally 8-line Slots Playtech-powered progressive slots tournament won $1 853 850, breaking the world record for the largest online progressive jackpot payout in history.
At spinit casino review, our affiliate casinos are very much on the ball when it comes to offering bonuses and organising tournaments to suit every wagering budget and every game.

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