SWTOR: The Rise of the Revanites and Patch 2.10.2

The rise of the Revanites and Patch 2.10.2 are bringing movement to the preparatory phase of the upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As in the past, the developers of Bioware have announced the first little bits of information about the history of Shadan's latest expansion of Revan. Community Coordinator, Tait "pariahloki" Watson has posted a Datacron broadcast for all players in the official SWTOR forum, providing first insights into the role of the SWTOR Credits Revan Order in the Empire-Republic War.

So it was an important goal of the Revanites to infiltrate the republic and the empire alike, to smash their war efforts with starvation, and to internally transform both sides according to their desires. In addition, with the release of SWTOR patch 2.10.2, several new items have been implemented in the game, which will soon be available on the cartel market. These are all cosmetic items like a Halloween set and new skins for your weapons like the Blaster or the Lightsaber.

The Shadow expansion by Revan will be released on SWTOR Credits for sale December 9, giving players who pre-order by November 2 early access to the seven-day extension. More about Star Wars: The Old Republic can be found on our SWTOR topic page. The complete transmission with the new information can be found on the official SWTOR homepage.

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