Ever wondered why most of the pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters tend to escape, refuse to eat, soil the home, bark, cry, or hide behind the furniture whenever there is a firework explosion going around your residence? Well, animal ears are weaker than human year and statistics also reveal the extreme fear of fireworks, which most animals suffer from, due to which, many of them in the U.S. have also run away.

However, identifying the signs & root cause of fear from fireworks and dealing with your pet in a calm way would signify that you really care for your pet in all good and bad times.

If fireworks explosion is something when your pet hides behind the furniture, refuses to eat or shows excessive fear then try to make him or her feel more protected and secure by giving your love and care. Drive its attention into something happy and relaxing such as music, playing, eating, TV and so on. You may even bring your neighbor’s pet and allow them to stay together so that they could overcome the fear of fireworks by finding their owners alongside.

When your pet would feel protected in such stressful situations, it would certainly find itself more emotionally connected with you.


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