For many stone factory or quarry, eager to configure a set of crushed stone production line, so how to configure? The preferred to distinguish species to broken stone, the stone is generally divided into hard limestone, granite, Xuan Wuyan, HeLuanShi etc.. For the stone, limestone, low hardness and brittle, the mining equipment for tin and mining equipment for tin etc.. If granite, tin stone, the gravel mill for tin etc.. Second look at the yield, output of 100 tons in the following is small in stone production line.

The general configuration: 30090 feeder 57 limestone mines 1010 1848 or 1548 crushing machine, sieve layer according to the material requirements. Finally, should be the price of the equipment. Customers must first understand, a sub sub price goods, to understand the regular factory production equipment cost was high, and after sale service is no better than the general factory. If the customer is cheap, the quality of a problem or production is not up to expectations, is equal to the investment failed.

Shanghai SBM mining machinery company production of crushed stone production line equipment, a high degree of automation, only one person can operate. its high production efficiency, low operation cost, high yield, high income, finished stone granularity, grain shape good, accord with national highway material requirements. Shanghai SBM mining machinery company engineers when equipped with production line, stand in the position of the customer, with a reasonable, economic production line, to allow customers to low input, high yield.

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