Stone development so far, more stone era, stone processing profits have not as rich as before. Small profits but quick turnover is a commercial means, but in the stone industry has evolved into a vicious thermoform acoustical panels price war competition. In fact, based on this concept of consumers, their own lack of adequate customization of stone knowledge. Custom stone, refers to the consumer's own requirements, to provide for their needs, but also covers the consumer satisfaction with the service. In the case of low-cost promotions, stone brand to win more orders, the more energy will be spent.

Increasingly in the case of low-cost promotions, stone brand making planters from composite decking UAE market profit margins are a step-by-step compression, resulting in stone brand market even more difficult pace. In this market situation, we can say that the more low-cost promotions, the stone brand market, the greater the lethality.

Stone brand's low-cost promotions are all tears, is also the market for stone brand tied. In the market consumption concept is maturing today, adhere to the brand development is the mainstream, stone brand "low price" card or playing for the better. There is a market demand, stone brand to adhere to quality to win, from the perspective board on board fence of the market to win consumers, consumers from the "price" on the move for the future of stone, "plus a point."

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