The weapons associated with Statius Warhammer as well as Noxious Scythe within RS 3 right now are so inefficient to make use of. At present, just a few people will utilize it for very particular purposes. Some players still do not understand why making these types of weapons which from the value of safeguarding the long -- term items. Right now, let's make the rational analysis of the question.
What the options that come with Noxious scythe:

1. Includes a GE value associated with 269m.
2. Doesn't have item sinks (Nox comps originate from bow/staff since those remain 130m).
3. Comes from a boss that's farmed regularly
The characteristic associated with Pre-nerf statius warhammer:

1. Experienced a value associated with around 200-250m
two. Unlike scythe, as soon as degraded, upgraded or even augmented, it couldn't be re-sold. This particular further reduces the actual GE supply.
3. Very rare decrease from wilderness npcs which are definitely not killed as often as Araxxi.
The actual update of Resources Hunter goes towards protecting these weaponry

There is a place that the brand new update of Resources Hunter goes towards protecting the lengthy - term worth of Statius Warhammer as well as Noxious Scythe within runescape gold for sale . It outright wiped out any short -- term and lengthy -term values from the weapons and the actual upgrade of areas.

Why some players proposed this time? Since now these types of weapon is reduced demand, devaluing not just revenant drops but additionally bounty hunter benefits, a minigame upon life support that does not need having ineffective rewards.

What should Jagex do to enhance the situation of those weapons in runescape? Have you got some advice in the view of runescape long-term improvement and players organization? Maybe, some points still have to practice in the actual game environment. Lastly, we are highly recommend RSorder 2016 Christmas Carnivals for you personally. Join us in order to win free inexpensive runescape gold and much more amazing gifts.

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