If your health drops to zero, you will faint and end up in the next camp. Good: Your current progress remains, so you can continue to hunt the already battered beast. Bad: With any fainting your reward will decrease, should you faint more than three times, most quests will fail. By the way: If you are thrown to the ground by your opponent, but you are not yet powerless, you have to lie down first. Because in the way you are invulnerable for a short time!


Incidentally, your adversaries have no life bars! Only if you keep your eyes open, you will learn how it is with your counterpart. A strong limp or a tattered plumage is a sure sign that the animal is whistling from the last hole.


If you see an NPC with an exclamation point, talk to it. This one usually has a new, optional quest for you. The visit of the most important NPCs (researchers, botanists, supply officers) is worthwhile after almost every quest. Also, use any rest period in the base to stop by the smithy and see if you can make new armor pieces or upgrades - even for your Palico! By the way, particularly desirable parts can be put on a wish list, through the interface you will learn when you have collected materials that are needed for your desired items. In addition, resource sources that promise you such materials are displayed on the minimap with a question mark.


At the top of your base (level 4F), you will find the meeting place, the social hub of the game, where you can connect with other players, chat, or start a group. In the arena of the site you can even run a few practice rounds with your fellow combatants before setting out into the wilderness together.

Monster Hunter World: In the monster encyclopedia, you'll learn which weak spot the beasts have and what special features you should keep in mind. & nbsp;

Monster Hunter World: In the monster encyclopedia you will learn which weak spot the beasts possess and which special features you should pay attention to.

Source: Capcom

In the base you meet the piggy poogie that you can interact with. Waits, however, until an exclamation point appears before cuddling. If you've conquered his heart, you can do a lot with him: pick him up and carry him around, let him follow you, give him a name or put him in outfits! By the way, there's a rumor right now that you're increasing your chance of rare items when snuggling with the pig.


Starter Guide for Monster Hunter: World - Power Expeditions!

While you usually have a time limit on story quests and side tasks, you can take all the time in the world on an expedition - the perfect way to try weapons, farm resources, catch insects, hunt animals, to get armor materials, or in general, simply refill your supplies.

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