Star Wars: The Old Republic- Jedi Consular Video 2

The other part to Star Wars Rebels: Recon Missions will be the building of one's rebel haven. I know, it sounds just like a typical freemium game that you earn coins to construct homes; but this one can be a bit different and also the IAPs usually are not overly intrusive. In SWTOR Credits each level you collect Hope Emblems, the overall game’s main currency, as you work at collecting three gold medals scattered in each stage.

These medals supply you with additional collection goals. In between missions, you return on the Rebel Haven, that is customized with shelters, towers, generators, satellite dishes, a droid factory and even more. The more shelters you build and decorate, a lot more citizens you'll be able to save in the Empire. Saving people provides you with a opportunity to unlock new abilities like upgraded weapons, along with other levels and goods.

It adds another layer to the sport, but being honest I found it being an unwanted distraction in the main platformer action, and frequently requires that you complete dull tasks to unlock levels along with features. It is like 2 games stuck together to attempt to jam a lot more IAPs in that room. From a revenue generating perspective I guess it's wise, it adds that replay value to the action, as well as a purpose to get currency during action.


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