Spring roll machine

How spring roll machine works:

According to the requirements of the surface preparation process, the dough is prepared, and the dough is heated and baked by a round roasting wheel to become a fixed thickness spring roll or other sheet-like food.


Spring roll machine process:

Put the prepared dough into the slurry bucket. When the baking wheel is heated to a suitable temperature, start the slurry pump to send the slurry to the nozzle, and operate the clutch operating lever to make the surface paste adhere to the circular arc surface of the baking wheel. When the roasting wheel rotates over an angle of 270-300 degrees, the dough is matured and automatically separated from the roasting wheel to form a fixed thickness spring roll or an instant roll spring roll.

The heating method of the baking wheel is divided into: electric heating and gas heating and electromagnetic heating for the user to select.

Advantages of natural gas heating: economical energy saving, convenient movement and simple installation;

Advantages of electromagnetic heating: The preheating time is short, only 1/3 of the original time, the electromagnetic coil has a long service life, no maintenance cost, and the electric conversion rate is over 95%.


Advantages of electric heating: precise temperature, rapid heating, high utilization, safe and convenient, easy to maintain (optional according to customer requirements)

The scope of spring roll machine:

This product is suitable for the production of spring rolls, roast duck crust, curry rind, and French crust skin of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Suitable for food factories, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc.

Spring roll machine features:

  1. Made of high quality 304 stainless steel, long service life and stable performance.
  2. Digital control system, accurate temperature control, automatic shutdown time and real-time temperature monitoring.
  3. Using the eccentric wheel to adjust the thickness of the output belt, it can produce 0.2-1mm cake skin, uniform thickness, one-time molding, waste of no scrap.
  4. The baking wheel is integrally formed, with reliable strength, high temperature resistance and anti-corrosion.

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