Spring roll machine for sale

Spring rolls, also known as spring cakes, spring dishes, and crepes. It is a traditional food of Chinese folk festivals. It is popular in all parts of China and is especially popular in Jiangnan and other places. In southern China, do not eat dumplings during the Spring Festival, eat spring rolls and sesame dumplings. In the Qingming area, the spring festival also eats spring rolls. The folks are often used for hospitality in addition to their own food. Spring rolls have a long history and evolved from ancient spring cakes.


Spring rolls are made from spring rolls and stuffings. The taste of spring rolls has a lot to do with the manufacture of spring rolls. The delicious spring rolls are made of a thin layer of skin, which is crispy and delicious after being fried. There are many spring roll machines on the market that have different thicknesses of spring rolls, and our company has introduced a new type of machine based on the spring roll machine on the market. The machine uses advanced electric heating, which can be heated quickly and is environmentally safe. It can make round and square spring rolls and roast duck skin. The thickness and the size of the leather can be customized. Maximum efficiency, can produce 70-80 kg / h leather.


Spring roll machine design principle

  1. Traditional hand processing, designed for modern machinery production;
  2. Safe and practical electric heating, good insulation and power saving;
  3. The knife edge is slightly separated from the heating cylinder, which reduces the wear of the knife edge on the heating cylinder and improves the life of the machine. The cutting edge adopts modern processing method accurately and reasonably;

Spring roll machine core advantages:

  1. There is a gap between the knife edge and the heating cylinder, which greatly improves the life of the heating cylinder and the knife edge;
  2. The whole machine adopts nationally certified food material processing.

Spring roll machine for sale

Taizy is a manufacturer with ten years of food machinery manufacturing technology. The company believes that each household has improved the cost-effective products. The machines are professionally tested and reliable. Now there are special discounts on spring roll machine, Frying machine and other machines. On the first-come, first-served basis.

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