1.In fact, at the beginning, I was going to let the chef machine to complete the face-to-face life. Put the flour and salt together first, add 200 grams of water, stir by hand to form a floc, and then let the chef machine and dough.

2.Add water to the dough in turn, and put the noodles into a gluten, with a thin dough. Put in a pot, seal the plastic wrap, and let stand for 2-3 hours.

3.Knead a piece of dough and lick it on your hand. Heat the round bottom pan, keep the medium and small fire, and quickly roll the dough in the hand to form a round skin at the bottom of the pan, and immediately pick it up, so that the dough can take away the excess surface.

4.When the edge of the round skin is lifted up, the edge can be lifted by pinching the raised edge. The spring rolls that are made well overlap and are put together.

It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to make spring rolls, so how to make spring roll skins in batches, Xiaobian introduces a spring roll machine, which can quickly make the dough into thin and thin spring rolls.

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