All Asian watch lovers, collectors, media friends of watch circles, watch retailers and 12 world top watch brands are all gathered at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) at Wan Chai Harbor Road, Hong Kong, Three WATCHES & WONDERS Asia Senior Watch Fair opening ceremony, a total of “watch and miracle” solid 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Necklace event. From the opening ceremony on September 30 to October 3, the end of the show, the whole 4-day experience and reports have too many excitement, but if you ask, the Hong Kong watch the most beautiful part of the show, that must Is the “watch and miracle” in the “female table”.
Expensive diamonds and precious stones, top decoration and craftsmanship the same high-level complex features, in order to “miracle”, watch masters called “nothing”
Diamonds, the most expensive time of the ceremony
In the world of high-level watch, has always been my only respect for the diamond, will be condescending as a supporting role, have to offer color, brightness, clarity, cut the best, and Gan as jelly. real 18k gold Van Cleef Clover Ring Sometimes exquisite inlaid in the bezel, sometimes as a time scale shining in the dial, and sometimes simply to a whole body shop inlay, do not miss any corner. In general, the bezel and dial local mosaic style is very common, but for the whole body paved in the high-level watch is rarely appear to the majority of ladies watch, generally for the mysterious customer’s advanced custom models, or senior watch brand In order to ensure the status of the brand and specially produced Zhenbao treasure, just in the senior table show to make a face only. At the same time, because the high-level watch can be copied, but would like to find a certain number of 4C level of diamonds is difficult and difficult, sometimes a whole body paved diamond watch production is completed, need to wait a year or so is already usually. Therefore, the senior diamond watch and senior jewelry, as unique and irreducible, its value and significance has long been beyond the boundaries of watches and jewelry.
And the WATCHES & WONDERS “watch and miracle” in the event, or a brand to put their own diamond watch out on the high position, for people looking at the distance and not playful Yan, you just know its existence, to reach The purpose of the brand.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Secret Dating Series Ivy mysterious watch
Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Ivy Imitation Trinity de Cartier Necklace Secret dating series Ivy mysterious watch is Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous dating watch series of the first women’s senior jewelry watch, is also a senior ladies watches common clamshell design. This watch prototype from the Jaeger-LeCoultre in the sixties of the 20th century came out of the gem decoration watch, the new design both classical and contemporary fashion sense. Round table cover slightly curved, with bright, rectangular and olive-shaped cut diamonds inlaid into a flower shape, and this series of iconic ivy pattern is mother of pearl carved hidden on the dial above.
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Cheval Advanced Jewelry Watch
This is only À Cheval fine jewelry watch inherited from the Van Cleef & Arpels in 1981 created À Cheval high jewelry set, diamonds in a three-dimensional floating embedded in the platinum case and strap, making the watch in the overall visual presentation, More three-dimensional and shining.
Vacheron Constantin Malta Diamond Watch
The WW senior watch show, Vacheron Constantin in the classic Malta series continued two luxury diamond watch, a slightly larger model of the tourbillon models and this model is slightly smaller style. From the case, bracelet to the dial, are the highest quality rectangular cut diamonds, to conceal the mosaic process to create, the test is not only the quality and quantity of diamonds, as well as the strength of seamless mosaic.
The art of time is so wonderful
In the watch of the decorative process, the WW, with both high-level jewelry and senior watch dual advantage Van Cleef & Arpels and Piaget can be said to be the biggest winner. Van Cleef & Arpels this year launched nine new watch, which in the WATCHES & WONDERS watch show debut is Oiseaux Enchantés Trinity de Cartier Earrings Extraordinary Dials extraordinary watch series of four watches, respectively, with three birds to the theme, Artwork to create the Extraordianry Dials extraordinary watch series watch and a Van Cleef & Arpels very important creative theme – “donkey skin princess” series Lady Arpels Peau d ‘Âne Forêt enchantée watch, to create a hard gem inlaid craft Out of the table on the fairy tale forest. Among them, Van Cleef & Arpels this year’s fine feathers inlaid craft is a bright spot in the field of watch decoration.
Earl in this year’s WW, watch art in the same no less, in terms of quantity and creativity are displayed in the watch decorative arts strength. In addition to the strength of the fine filigree enamel, micro-painted enamel, filled with enamel, metal carving process of a comprehensive display, the new egg shell fine inlay process, Lou Tong enamel process, feather craft process people shines, especially Is PIAGET ALTIPLANO feather fine watch, layers of feathers fine inlay, so that the dial to show the beauty of the mysterious changes. In addition, this feather craft process is also applied to the count also launched the high-level jewelry series, the same beautiful.

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