Software for electronic invoicing - How to choose the best Invoice Billing Software

By purchasing electronic billing software, the process to generate the documents and send them to DIAN is much faster and more efficient than you can imagine. Previously, the employer had to generate the invoice, print it, file it, send the envelope by postal mail and confirm that it had been received; so that the paperwork and the corresponding accounting to generate the payment were made.

This was a model in which many intermediaries participated and had a considerable margin of error, since the invoices could be lost or damaged. This whole process could take about 48 hours to complete.

Instead, using electronic billing software, documents are sent and received literally in seconds. Becoming a model in which processes are aligned and payment becomes much more efficient.

Best GST Billing Software helps to save time and human resources that these operating processes had to execute before.

What should electronic billing software have?

Simple interface of the software

Although the GST Invoice Billing Software you need to use is a program with multiple functionalities, it does not have to be difficult to use. In this case, the simpler the better.

If you need to streamline processes, Billing Software for Small Business with a friendly and intuitive interface is the best option. Also, remember that you must train workers who will have access to this technology; then the software must provide you with all the tools, including video tutorials and interactive guides to achieve it in an efficient, fast and even fun way.


Constant technical support

It is normal that sometimes you have questions and want someone else to answer them; also in the event that the Invoice Billing Software presents any failure and you need immediate technical support. For this reason it is important that you evaluate the quality of the service channels that the service provider offers you so that you never feel alone.

All inclusive

When buying your electronic billing software, look carefully at the tools they offer you and how much they will charge you for an invoice, as it may happen that some costs are not specified and then you get an unpleasant surprise. Also make sure about GST Billing Software Price.

Now, it is true that there are some companies that are so large that it may seem unmanageable to include all their accounting information in single administrative software that does electronic invoicing in the cloud. But this happens only in specific cases, as we speak of multinationals or publicly traded companies, whose monumental volumes of periodically produced data require particular technological solutions and that in Colombia represent less than 5%.

However, for the majority of companies that are of medium or small scale and that have the obligation to declare and pay VAT and National Consumption Tax, administrative and electronic billing software is the most appropriate technological solution that can also help The company to be at the forefront and have a favourable corporate image.


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