software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)?

Today's business operations must rely on network connectivity. Have you made every effort to maintain the best possible operation of the network to avoid any possible loss caused by a short disconnection? Is your network adaptable to the current problems and challenges that may arise in the future? The software-defined wide area network (software-defined WAN; SD-WAN) provides a solution.

Network crashes can happen at any time, and can have a devastating impact on any business. In a branch office, the MPLS WAN may be disconnected due to a router failure or a broken cable on the street. In the case of a four-hour mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), many commercial transactions will be lost. In today's centralized IT environment, network connectivity disruptions will prevent users from accessing critical applications and data. VoIP Internet telephony and other communication channels will be cut off, and the work team and customers will be in an island. Employees are unable to get the services they need to do their jobs, causing business lockouts; manufacturers cannot access the inventory information they need, so there is no way to respond to on-site enquiries; medical institutions cannot retrieve medical records or test results at point of care. Doctors can't use the treatment system they rely on; retailers and financial services can't handle transactions.

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