Shavasana - Perfect Posture in Meditation for Anxiety

There are times in a day when you wish that if you can get a few minutes, close your eyes, and rest. Sometimes, 10 minutes is all you need to relax and rejuvenate.


A few minutes of relaxation can calm shattered nerves, transform health issues, and give you a sensational relieve from your fatigue. There is so much you can do with 10 minutes of relaxation. One technique you can try is Shavasana. What is Shavasana? Shavasana was mentioned first in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika book. However, the name derives from a Sanskrit word, which means a dead body for Shava and Asana for posture.

It is the reason why Shavasana is also known as the corpse pose. The Shavasana technique is mainly used for meditation purposes and relaxation at the end of yoga sessions. The posture practices when you feel need to rejuvenate your energy because you are tired. So the 10 minutes you get on a busy day is enough to practice Shavasana and end up feeling relaxed and re-energized. Why you need Shavasana Also spelled as Savasana is the best posture for relaxation. It enhances your body’s innate ability to completely heal and rejuvenate.

Savasana has been used for many centuries as a way to learn and recognized the cue that signal mind and body relaxation. It allows you to enter a methodical relaxation period that you would not have achieved with other yoga postures. How to practice Shavasana There is only one way of practicing this posture. Start with: ?Lying flat on your back. The place should be comfortable enough or use a yoga mat. ?Make sure to relax your neck and shoulder muscles by resting your arm at your side, palms facing up. ?Your legs should be apart, must not close together or far apart ?Close your eyes and feel every part of your body relax ?Synchronize between your breathing and body ?Try these for 5 to 10 minutes. If possible, you can adjust to 20 to 30 minutes. Advantages of this posture There are many advantages associated with Savasana. Some of them include: ?Increases your energy level: when you feel tired, and you can’t even accomplish a simple task, find a place to lie down, close your eye, and monitor your breathing. 5 to 10 minutes will rejuvenate your body. ?Muscle relaxation: sometime we can’t escape from fatigue and tiredness. Shavasana relaxes your muscles, removes fatigue, depression, and all the tiredness from your muscles.

?Meditation technique: this meditation technique is best for rejuvenating your body cells, tissues, and other molecular aspects of your body. ?Fights insomnia: if you are tired of having sleepiness night. Trying corpse pose every day before going to bed will help relax your mind and body and prepare you for a night of good night sleep. ?Calms the body: Savasana has calming effects on your body and mind.

Shavasana variation There are other Shavasana variation that you need to consider if you find this posture a bit difficult to achieve. If you have lower back pain and other back complication, you can try putting a blanket or pillow under your back for support. Others prefer to keep a blanket below their knees. There is also Shavasana Vinyasa, which aids in full body relaxation. It also leaves you feeling more spirited with full of energy. Like other yoga posture, the Savasana posture gives the body all the benefits it can. It is mostly practiced towards the end of every yoga session and in other instances at the beginning to help you relax. It will help you refocuses and reach your maximum level of productivity.


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