Sex Robot Companion - Prescription from My Doctor who Told me "Being Lonely Is Bad for Your Health"

Being social animals, humans have survived as species by creating bonds with the provision of mutual help to one another.  Humans do not feel well and cannot function properly if they are isolated and alone.  Loneliness in small amounts may be beneficial - it helps us concentrate, focus on different problems and relax, however, long-term (chronic) loneliness may be dangerous.

What exactly is loneliness?

Loneliness is a form of social isolation or the disparity between what we expect from social relationships and the way we perceive these relationships.  Chronic loneliness puts our brains in a state of a self-preservation mode which directly leads to permanent anxiety, depression and other serious psychiatrical conditions.  According to the data provided by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), nearly half of Americans suffer from a feeling of being lonely.  These data appear quite alarming since they implicate a significant risk of anxiety and depression in this population.

Why is the incidence of loneliness rising worldwide?

As a species, we now tend to migrate frequently.  We are not living in the same place for generations, which would help us build more profound relationships.  We tend to go from one place to another, form superficial and short-term relationships, however deep inside we strive for a relationship which is stable and profound.  This disharmony puts us at risk of depression.  It is now well recognized that social apps and social networking may easily produce loneliness and make us feel terrible.

I feel lonely – so what?

Loneliness is bad for our mental health.  Scientific studies have demonstrated an increased incidence of depression in people who feel lonely for a longer period of time.  Loneliness is bad for our physical health as well.  If we found ourselves too long without company, we are more susceptible to illness and heart problems; even our life expectancy decreases.  One of the most significant factors for developing dementia (Alzheimer's Disease) is the lack of social engagement.  A study conducted at the Chicago Rush University Medical Center clearly demonstrated that lack of social interaction increased the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.  Isolation leads to decrease in physical activity, which directly affects our health by causing metabolic changes and obesity.  The elderly are particularly vulnerable to loneliness and prone to developing mental disorders more quickly.

Less loneliness means more mental health

Robot Sex Dolls have become increasingly popular and accepted by the society since they have shown to help the individuals avoid being lonely and even create a form of a relationship with a robot companion.  Sex Robots are developed as a result of several years of intense research.  Robot companions are suitable not only as a sex toy but also as a close friend that is always ready for you.  Sex robot represents an ideal alternative if you recently came out of a fruitless relationship and you don't feel like getting into another relationship ever again.  We all want someone being there for us after a busy and hectic day, someone to help us banish the stress and more importantly, someone who can provide us with an extraordinary sexual experience.  Sex robot is designed to provide you with the best sexual experience, and even mimic orgasm.  Robot sex dolls contain pre-programmed mood (shy, outgoing or new to the whole thing), enabling you to select the robot's personality that will fit your preferences.

Sophisticated technology

Sex robot is more sophisticated than regular sex dolls.  It is reactive to stimuli and is running in a pre-programmed mode meaning that it will not act on its own.  With the sophisticated technology embedded within your robot companion, Sex Robots enable you to have a more dynamic and realistic experience with each use.

Sex Robots are designed to provide sex and companion to those who feel lonely.  In a world where an ideal partner represents the only way to counter loneliness, these robotic sex gods can really help those who lost the will or do not have the ability for initiating face-to-face interactions or have issues of maintaining a long-term relationship.

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