Set Up the WNAP210

Item Contents

 The WNAP210 contains the accompanying: 

  • Wireless Access Point 
  • Ethernet Cable 
  • Power Adapter 
  • Vertical stand feet (2) 
  • Wall Mounting Kit (2 sections, 2 stays, 2 screws) 
  • Installation Guide 
  • Resource CD 

Initially, Set Up the WNAP210 

  2. Unload the crate and confirm the substance.
  3. Set up a PC with Internet get to and an Ethernet connector. In the event that this PC is as of now part of your system, record its TCP/IP setup settings. Arrange the PC with a static IP address of and as the Subnet Mask through set up.
  4. Associate an Ethernet link from the WNAP210 to the PC.
  5. Safely embed the opposite end of the link into the WNAP210 Ethernet port.
  6. Associate the NETGEAR Switching 

Power Supply from the remote passage to an AC electrical plug.

Note: Only associate your remote passage utilizing the exchanging power supply furnished with the WNAP210.

 Check the lights on the facade of the remote N passageway: 

  • Power: The green power light ought to be lit. On the off chance that the power light isn't lit, check the associations and verify whether the electrical plug is controlled by a divider turn that is killed. 
  • Test: The Test light is on quickly when the WNAP210 is first turned on. 
  • Ethernet: The Ethernet (LAN) light ought to be lit (golden for 10/100 Mbps and green for 1000 Mbps) demonstrating that an association has been made. If not, ensure the Ethernet link is safely connected at the two finishes.
  • WLAN: The blue remote light may squint showing remote movement.    


      2. Design the WNAP210 Ethernet port for LAN access.Connect to the  WNAP210 by opening your program and entering in the address field.

   A login window will show.

      3. Whenever incited, enter administrator for the client name and secret key for the secret key, both in lower case letters. 

          The NETGEAR ProSafe Wireless-N 

          Passage WNAP210 UI will show. 

      4. Select Wireless Settings under the 

          Setup menu on the left route sheet and arrange your remote interface for remote access. 

      5. At that point select WEP/WPA Settings under Security and arrange the dimension of information encryption security for your system.

           See the mywifiext  online help or the online Reference Manual for full guidelines. 

      6 . At last, select Basic Settings under the Setup menu on the left route sheet also, arrange the IP Settings for your system. 

Note: If you change the default subnet of the LAN IP address, you will be disengaged from the WNAP210 Wireless-N Access Point UI. To reconnect, reconfigure your PC with a static IP address inside the new LAN IP subnet. 

Tip: Before you convey your remote N passage, save an IP address (in light of the WNAP210's MAC address) on the DHCP server. That way, you can design the remote N passageway with a static IP address which you can continuously use to sign in to make future design changes 

Convey the WNAP210 

Since you have completed the setup steps, you are prepared to send the WNAP210 in your arrange. If necessary, you can now reconfigure the PC you utilized in stage 1 back to its unique TCP/IP settings

Walk 2009 

This image was put as per the European Union Directive 2002/96 on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (the WEEE Directive). Whenever discarded inside the European Union, this item ought to be dealt with and reused as per the laws of your ward actualizing the WEEE Directive. 

  1. Separate the WNAP210 from the PC and spot it where you will convey it. 

The best area is raised, for example, a divider, roof, or the highest point of a desk area. The passage ought to be put close to the focal point of your remote inclusion zone and inside viewable pathway of all the cell phones. 

Note: A divider mounting unit is incorporated with the WNAP210. The WNAP210 can be mounted vertically on a divider or on a level plane on a roof. Guidelines for utilizing the mounting unit are in the online Reference Manual . 

  1. Interface an Ethernet link from your WNAP210 remote N passage to a LAN port on your switch, switch, or center point. 
  1. Interface the power connector to the remote N passage and fitting the power connector in to an electrical plug. The Power, WLAN and Ethernet lights should illuminate. 

Tip: The WNAP210 underpins Power Over Ethernet (PoE). On the off chance that you have a switch that gives PoE, you won't have to utilize the power connector to control the WNAP210. This can be particularly advantageous when the WNAP210 is introduced in a high area a long way from an electrical plug.

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