This season is Guardiola coach Manchester City's first season, but its record did not reach the expected, the Champions League was eliminated in Monaco, the league was also the leader of Chelsea throw off. While the team defense was criticized, knockout round two throw a total of 6 balls. Guardiola is bound to be in the offseason to adjust the team defense. According to the British media, "Daily Mirror" revealed that Manchester City will be aimed at the current England's best left-back Danny - Ross. It is reported that Kompany, Krishna, Sarnia and many other veterans are likely to leave the summer, Guardiola need to introduce their own tactical players to add. It now appears that Tottenham's main left-back Danny - Rose became the team's summer signings target. Manchester City will be out of 50 million pounds of transfer fee to attract Tottenham to complete the transaction. Rose has been in recent seasons with Tottenham first position left back position. This season, he played on behalf of Tottenham 21 games, scored two goals, contributed 3 assists, but also became a regular member of the England national team. In recent years, Tottenham has become a strong competitor to the Premier League champions, so they need to keep the lineup stable, to the impact of multiple fronts, they will not easily sell the core players in exchange for money. However, since Tottenham is building a new White Hart Lane Stadium that could cost £ 750 million, so it is not impossible for the team to sell Ross. According to the German transfer market official website shows that the current price of only 17 million pounds of Ross, if Manchester City to buy high prices Rose, Tottenham has no reason to refuse. It is reported that once Tottenham decided to sell Ross, they will introduce Manchester United frustrated Luke - Shaw. Luke - Shaw since the transfer Manchester United suffered serious injuries, always can not get back the best condition, he is difficult to become Manchester United's first player. This season, he played on behalf of Manchester United 14 events, the performance of flat. However, he is only 21 years old, Tottenham can continue to tap his potential, and his transfer fee will not reduce a lot, Tottenham from the two transactions can not earn a small profit.

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