See Rajasthan In Different Colors Throughout The Year

Rajasthan International Folk festival

Rajasthan international folk festival is celebrated in the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur. This year it will be celebrated between 10-14th October, where around 200 artists perform folk music, dance and art. Many kinds of fairs, festivals and exhibitions are held during the festival.

Pushkar camel festival, Pushkar

This year camel festival will be held between 4th to 12th November 2019. This festival takes place for 5days where the locals and tourists can enjoy interesting events like camel race, camel beauty contest, puppet shows, camel trading, music and dance performances. This festival is held on the banks of the Pushkar lake. Souvenirs made of camel leather, camel hair accessories and camel decoration accessories are available in the fair. Tourists can relish many local delicacies during the fair.

Desert festival

Desert festival is to be held between 17th to 19th February 2019.This festival showcases the music, art ,dance , cuisines and culture innate to the desert. People can enjoy interesting events like camel races, belly dance , turban tying , moustache competition , gymnastic and stunts to name a few. The festival takes place for three days where people prefer night camping and camel desert safari along with dance and music in the evening. There are some events involving the foreigners also like tug-of-war. Tourist can also buy souvenir and handicrafts made by local artisans.

Summer and winter festival, Rajasthan

This festival takes place in summer (May) and in winter (December) at Mount Abu. This festival sprawls through a duration of three days. People can enjoy dance and music along with fireworks at night. Tourists prefer camping and bon fire near the hotspots to enjoy the serene beauty of the landscape.

Kite festival, Jodhpur

The probable date for this festival is 14th January 2020. This is a three day harvest festival where people can fly kites of all designs and color. Kite flying competitions is held, helicopters release kites and balloons to name a few. These three days of festivity is full of colors and vigor.

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