SD-WAN test recommendation level

SD-WAN, security,and routing functions on entry-level devices. Moreover,NFVTime-Verge is highly scalable across Advantech hardware payloads, offering the configurability needed to address small office and retail outlets well as mid to high end Enterprise installations. NFVTime is easily adapted for industry-specific market segments and can be configured for the right mix of price performance,throughput and connectivity.


SD-WAN solutions founded on a stable, verified NFVTimeand Advantech uCPE base provide a solid foundation for the delivery of scalable, multi-tenant SD-WAN rollouts. Service providers can rely on the underlying NFV Infrastructure to deploy their virtual overlays needed to securely and reliably connect users to applications.

Service providers also gain in flexibility to deploy any combination of MPLS, broadband, xDSL and LTE transportservices without compromising network or applicationperformance. Moreover, the NFVTime solution enables greater elasticity allowing additional VNFs to be added remotely.


NFVTime on Advantech uCPEs provides a cost-effective platform for high-performance routing , thereby enabling service providers with the latest virtual networking capabilities.Service Providers can avoid vendor lock-in through a growing list of vendor-specific vRouter features such as robust APIs for management and orchestration, higher layer routing features including L3 routing and L2 bridging, traffic management and load balancing, security and multitenancy, as well as firewall capabilities for policy management and more.

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