However, open source is too early for this highly competitive market where many vendors are still using their technology to survive. Open source may even inhibit innovation to some extent.


Although the SD-WAN startup Bigleaf Networks is actively contributing to open source, even using open source components in its technology (more on this later), CEO Joel Mulkey pointed out, "I have not seen this industry yet. To a fully open source SD-WAN platform. Our patented technology is the main difference between us and other vendors. If we release it to everyone, it may bring competitive risks, and open source may slow down our positive innovation. ""


Whether open source can drive innovation remains to be discussed. Many people think that the SD-WAN standard should be developed first. "Before the advent of the open source SD-WAN, the community needed to agree on the SD-WAN design, architecture, [and] API," said Steve Woo, senior director of product management at VMware VeloCloud Business Unit.

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