SD-WAN reduces line costs and improves transmission quality

The times are different. As companies adopt SaaS/IaaS applications in a cloudy environment, IT staff are increasingly aware that users' application experiences are poor. This is because the cloud brings unprecedented WAN traffic, and the WANs designed for different generations are not ready. The huge traffic volume leads to complicated management operations, unstable application performance, and security holes in the data.

Enterprises facing the cloudy world are more exposed to major security threats and regulatory compliance issues. Employees, partners, contractors, vendors, and visitors should have different access to applications, and protecting important assets of the enterprise is a daunting task. When WAN is enabled, security requirements are more urgent, creating a daunting challenge for IT staff to balance the user experience, security, and complexity.Traditional WAN features connect users in branch offices or campuses to applications hosted on the data center server. MPLS dedicated circuits are typically used to ensure a secure and stable connection. But in a cloud-centric environment, this approach is no longer applicable.Traditional WAN architectures are limited to enterprises, branch offices, and data centers. As enterprises adopt cloud application services in the form of SaaS/IaaS, the traffic of these globally diverse applications is exploding, and their WAN architecture faces enormous traffic challenges.The shift in business models has given IT staff a lot to think about. Employee productivity is affected by SaaS application performance issues. At the same time, the use of dedicated and backup circuits is inefficient, making WAN costs so high. Day after day, IT personnel must find ways to connect users of all types of devices to a cloudy environment, and the challenge is even more daunting.

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