As we all know, the classic case of SDN comes from the commercial deployment of Google B4 . The data center network (DCN) has become the first mature scene of SDN application, and the data center network interconnection (DCI) is very good to expand the data center network. The scope of the application of the SDN architecture between the enterprise self-built data center, the Internet data center and the cloud data center.

On the other hand, in the process of public cloud and private cloud, hybrid cloud, exclusive cloud and other cloud solutions that are more personalized and more in line with the evolution of enterprise IT architecture have become the interconnection between data center and cloud, cloud and cloud. Just need. According to Rightscale's 2017 cloud market research report, the proportion of enterprise IT systems moving to cloud has reached 82%, but there are still many enterprise self-built data centers that are not on the cloud, so the migration effect of hybrid IT architecture is decided. One aspect is the smoothness of workflow and data migration, and the other is a secure, efficient, and controllable connection between enterprise networks, data centers, and cloud platforms.

At present, the most successful application of SDN in the DCI scenario is Equinix , the largest data center service provider in the United States . It provides DC Interconnect series services, connecting 145 data centers and more than 500 cloud service providers worldwide, and supporting various connection services of 170,000.

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