Schick goes on to describe The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold how the franchise's players have helped to build the world of Tamriel and its lore;"Exactly what your character does, and states, and considers, becomes part of that world. For you, and whoever else shares the encounter, what occurred is part of the lore. The non-player characters are there, willing to talk about their stories with you personally, but it is you who make those stories live, because your character has bureau and meaningful choices where the NPCs do not."


This may look a tad intangible. In which The Elder Scrolls: Online has changed thanks to the community, But, cases are pointed to by Schick. Because of this, characters departed based on feedback or have returned, and the lore was changed. As a result, and more so than any other Elder Scrolls game; The Elder Scrolls: Online has a lore. Whoever you want to be, there is a place for you here. The lore is yours."


Lawrence Schick has enjoyed his lengthy tenure. It's certain that he is going to be overlooked by both ZeniMax Online Studios along with the community of the game at large."We were thrilled to find The Elder Scrolls: Online receive a host of awards for 2018," explains ZeniMax Online Studios;"and we'd love to show our appreciation for our amazing community with a little present."


The studio specifically cites four awards that the game ESO Blades Items won as the reason behind the party. The studio won both the Most Improved MMO award, in addition to the Best MMO award (for the next year in a row), at the Player's Choice 2018 Awards. Finally, they also won the Massively Best MMO Update or Expansion of 2018 award.

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