The United States is the home to millions of immigrants who live in the country either legally or illegally. According to studies as of 2019 out of the total immigrant population in the United States, 30% are illegal. These illegal immigrants often are in conflict with the law and are regularly summoned to the courts.

The reason for their conflict with the law is always their illegal status, and many times they are deported back to their country by the United States Government. In spite of the stringent action taken by the United States Government, the immigrants find ways to stay in the country with the help of a specific community.

Specific community

This specific community comprises of Deportation Attorney and Visa Attorneys who use their skills and ideas to save the innocent immigrants from deportation. Immigration law practice is one of the most popular branches of legal practice in the country, and there are more than thousands of Deportation Attorney and Visa Attorneys in each state to help the immigrants. 

It is also important to mention here that hiring a Deportation Attorney or Visa Attorneys is not cheap. These lawyers are quite a in demand, and some of the best immigration attorneys can charge a fortune.

However, an immigrant can always apply for a pro bono case in big law firms which are actively involved in providing free legal services to the vulnerable and the marginalized people. So, it can be concluded that there are a lot many ways to protect the rights of the immigrant, but it can only be done through an attorney who is an expert in immigration law practice. 


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